This is the page where you will find new regarding updates to the fight along with our twitter feed.

30th August: Pixabay and new images

Last week I spent a very enjoyable morning at Hardwick Hall the lighting wasn;’t great for photos but I got a few reasonable shots that can bee sene in the gallery section.
Also I’ve placed a few examples of my work on the stock photo site Pixabay, my profile can be found at http://pixabay.com/en/users/obsidianphotography.


21st August: Etsy

I’ve spent a little time setting up a shop on Etsy so I can sell digital copies of images as well.  I think it’ll be a good expansion.  I’m going to look at getting a few more images on there.  Just got a basic ten in the sample so far.

20th August: New Website

Hello, the new website is up and running.  I’ve added a gallery also a section that links to our eBay sales.  I hope to add to both over the coming weeks and months.  In the main time please follow us on twitter and like out Facebook page